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Litree Home Use Water Purifier

Litree Home Use Water Purifier
Price: Negotiable/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 1/Piece
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram
Prod Model: DS-8Gd*2-A
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Filtration Precision: 0.01micron
Lifespan: at Least 3years
Capacity: 4000L/Hr
Application: Drinking, Bathing, Cooking, Cleaning
Pressure Tank: 6.5gallons
Bacteria Removal Rate: >99.999999%
Model Number: Ds-8gd*2-a
Style For Purifier: Wall Mounted
Pipe Design Rate: Self-Cleaning
Water Purification Efficacy: UF
Water Temperature: Cold

Product Description

Litree home use water purifier

Excellent Water Quality:

The aperture size of Litree UF membrane is less than 0.01micron (10nm), can remove the bacteria, virus, colloid, rust and other impurities which produced by the secondary pollution in municipal tap water supply; And keep the helpful mineral matters and trace elements for human body. The purified water's microorganism and turbidity value can match drinkable water standard.

Great Flux:

Litree residential filter based on Litree Double-wall hollow fiber UF membrane, with better filtration capability, can provide greater flux for drinking, cooking, shower and other demands in every parts of your family.

Automatically Self-Cleaning:

Adopts unique uprightness & crossflow filtration principle. When tap water enter filter element, under water pressure effect, purified water permeate through membrane, but the bacteria, rust, colloid and impurities been cutoff in capillary membrane, then discharge out form tap water outlet. Due to the automatically selfcleaning function, this product can solve filter element jammed problem along with filtration effect improvement.

Three Years None replacements:

Litree provide a three years' warranty for filter element! Promise comes from the confidence of quality. Litree residential filter, safety, durable, self-cleaning, service lifetime can over 3years!

Water Filter Application
To satisfy the water purification demands of high flux commercial/ catering industry.

1. Description LITREE Double-star commercial UF system (type: DS-8GdX2-A) based on the parallel connection of two sets of LH3-8Gd, accompany with microcomputer controller and pressure tank, realize automatically feed-in, discharge, washing.

2. Product features
- Remove rust, bacteria, virus, colloid and other impurities; Keep mineral maters and trace elements, effluent water quality match drinking water standard.
- Wall type design, save space and easy for installation.
- Microcomputer automatically backwash program, prolong the lifespan of membrane, reduce the operation cost.
- LCD display, directviewing and convenient.
- Remain manually washing function, do manually washing upon operation situation.
- Washing frequency could be adjusted freely.

3. Products specifications
3.1 Product composition
Control part: Microcomputer controller
Filtration part: LITREE UF filter
Backwash part: Pressure tank

3.2 Specifications



Controller part



Washing frequency

Default or customize

Washing time



DC 12V


Filtration part

UF filter


Electrically operated valve


Main pipes


Connect pipes


Pressure tank



Technical part

Required raw water

Mains water

Design flux


Operation pressure


Water temperature


Connector size






Installation requirements

floor drain, AC220V/50Hz

Energy consumption


Founded in 1992, Litree Enterprises (Litree) has been recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of the finest hollow fiber Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes and membrane modules in Asia.In business for about 20 years, Litree has earned an industry-wide reputation as a supplier of quality and high performance UF membranes.Litree UF membrane products are widely used in industrial water treatment, municipal tap water and rural water supply, and residential water purification.

Litree is comprised of two manufacturing facilities in Haikou, Hainan province and Suzhou, Jiangsu province.The facilities can supply 3, 000, 000 square meters (32, 300, 000 square feet) of UF membrane per year.All of the membranes are available in standard and customized sizes.From the very beginning, the founders of Litree have taken to heart that the quality of product and services is the key to the company´S success.To continually improve the quality of membranes, Litree has put substantial effort into researching and developing its leading-edge UF membrane system.Litree has established two research centers focused on grandiose UF membrane and equipment.Litree also have long-term membrane research partnerships with several United States and Chinese universities/research institutions.

Litree take pride in designing and manufacturing the right product to meet customer´S specific application requirements, make the experience with Litree efficient, effective and even enjoyable.

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